About me

I'm a freelance blog designer and illustrator, run a little Etsy shop to help other bloggers in making their blogs beautiful. 

About my blog designs

I started coding and playing with Photoshop years ago, but after keeping a blog for three years and playing around with templates, codes, headers and icons, I decided to share my works for super affordable prices to help bloggers on a budget to make their blogs beautiful as I know how it feels to see your blog refreshed and brand new, with a beautiful interface that reflect your personality.
While creating blog designs I started feeling the need to come back to paper and brushes and draw some sketches to enrich my designs and make them more unique. I mainly use watercolors and my sketches are pretty much inspired by nature and flowers as well as my blog designs which aim to be floral and feminine, airy, minimal and easy to browse through. My main goal is to make beautiful and unique blog designs while keeping them pretty light to avoid slow loading and fit with every blog contents.

About the shop

To purchase some of my designs visit my Etsy shop: Pandabops Design.

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